How to DIY – wire harness restoration

Did this too. Was really scared of doing the wiring harness at first, because I have zero experience with wires or anything electrical, but after reading a bunch of articles and watching a few videos I realized it wasn’t all that scary.

I did the wire harness restoration in the middle of my living room. What a relief to be working in my pajamas and away from the winter cold of the garage. The whole job took me about 8 hours. Take into account i did this the first time ever and was filming as I was working so it can probably be done faster. Removing the old insulation took the longest, as you have to be really careful not to cut wires as you’re removing it and some of it was really old, brittle and sticky so it was quite a pain. Your fingertips will start hurting pretty fast from the constant prying of plastic tubing to allow access for the cutting pliers.

Of course I used the oppoturnity to make a video out of it. Think I’m actually getting a bit better at making short and simple how to videos. The video is pretty comprehensive and includes everything I did on the wiring harness, from fixing dodgy wiring jobs by cutting, striping, crimping butt connectors, changing my injector connectors, organizing the wires with cable ties and finally wrapping the wiring harness with new wiring harness wraping tape. Give it a watch and share, like, subscribe if you think its good. If you think its not, help me improve it with some constructive criticsm.

Here’s a shorter version for those of you who want to just change a broken electrical connector and not do the whole wiring harness

I can finally cross of something from the „yes you can“ to do list. Wiring harness – done! Porting and polishing the head and gearbox assembly are coming soon.

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