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The value of things

A fair warning: what follows is full of philosophy and the like.

I came up with this the other day while walking back home with my better half. Once you read it you might think we are some insane frigid couple that frequently attends philosophical debates and talks about the juxtaposition of a sculpture made of coat hangers. The reality is we enjoy watching TV and eating junk food. Continue reading The value of things

How I bought the dream part 2

Read part 1 here

I planned out the trip to go buy the MR2 without telling anyone but a very good friend. The plan was for him to drive me there and I would come back in the MR2.

I called the MR2 owner a few times beforehand and arranged everything. The car was driveable. Hadn’t been started for a year, but he assured me it was driveable. It was all i needed. Continue reading How I bought the dream part 2