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Should you buy an old car?

Now that I have covered why I like old cars, let’s answer a far more important question. Should you buy one? Of course, assuming that you are a car person and an average human with limited finances, and free time and not in the possession of a horse tamer, butler and a team of mechanics. Continue reading Should you buy an old car?

The champion is chosen

The first car from this list in the previous post (see the list here) I checked out was a British racing green MX-5 NB. It had the 1.6 110 hp engine. I checked this car out before I had the mini, and when I was selling the Golf.

I didn’t want the 1.6 engine, but I went to take a look anyway. Just to get a general idea of what it’s like. The owner let me take it for a spin around the block on my own. Continue reading The champion is chosen

A time and a place

Ok……the dream car. As promised. Well I have to be honest, there never was a single shinning dream car invading all my automotive dreams. The cake is a lie.

However, there is a land and there is an era from which all the cars that I am genuinely fond of come from. That narrows it down a bit right?

You could never guess it from my track record of car ownership (very Teutonic I know) but the land is Japan and the era is the 80s and 90s. Classic Japanese sports cars are my poison and have been so since the first days of my gearhedness, and probably even earlier without me being aware of it. I was just too much of a chicken to buy one. Continue reading A time and a place