DIY polyurethane engine mounts

I decided that aftermarket polyurethane engine mounts are too expensive, so I went the DIY route and made my own. Watch the video, all the info is there:

2 thoughts on “DIY polyurethane engine mounts

  1. Hello,
    The video you made showing how to make engine mounts is awesome. I am going to use this to make mounts for my vehicle. I also want to make my mounts red. What dye did you use? If I can’t find the specific brand, what kind of dye is it, so I can supplement? I don’t see this posted anywhere, but for give me if I missed it. Thanks!


    1. Hi there,
      Glad you liked the video. The dye is a red dye from the same brand as the liquid polyurethane. The product is called Smooth-On So Strong Urethane and Epoxy color tints and they come in tiny packages just right for this kind of stuff.
      These are really highly concentrated and you can get a bright red with just a bit. But if you can’t find this particular product I am sure urethane dyes from any manufacturer should work just fine.

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