How to disassemble a manual transmission? C50

Here’s a pretty useful video if you ever wanna tackle a transmission rebuild yourself. This time I’m just filming and watching a pro do it. Keeping my hands clean for once 🙂

This was a really fun experience. I learned a lot and enjoyed some casual car talk with the mechanic, who loves cars with all his heart, and despite having a wife and kids still races a 600hp Lancia Delta Integrale in hill climb events.

The shift lever removal was an unbelievable pain to remove. It was rusted together with the shaft and it took heating up to the point of a lot of smoke coming from it. I of course cut out most of that from the video, otherwise it would have been one very long and boring video.

I’m glad I didn’t do this myself. I would have probably given up half-way in fear of breaking something in half. Do I think I could do it myself now after seeing it done by a professional? I don’t know. The transmission is really fiddly, has a ton of tiny parts and its complex. A lot more complex than the engine, and somehow not as sexy.

We also discovered some really shoddy workmanship in the transmission. One of the keys from the fifth gear hub was missing, a spring was broken and the retainer plate was damaged. The PO didn’t bother to replace it and just had it all put together again. As expected fifth gear and it’s sleeve are gone, 2nd gear synchro totally dead, input bearing shaft grinds while spinning. Glad I have all those parts already.

I have also already ordered and picked up new hub keys, retention plate and all springs from Toyota, so assembly will be coming soon. Stay tuned.



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