How to install an injector rebuild kit

Did this too. I went a bit overboard with the injector cleaning. I had them profesiionally cleaned in an ultra-sonic bath and then I had them rebuilt using a rebuild / service kit. I got the kit for $ 17.

Why I went for the rebuild was mostly due to the fact that all the rubbers and o-rings were really old, stiff and kinda brittle-ish. My dampers that go on the bottom part of the injector, right over the pintle caps, atcually completely disintegrated in the ultra-sonic bath.
The micro-filters probably didn’t need replacing since they got the ultra-sonic bath, but I repalced those as well.

Watch the video to se how its done. A very easy and simple job if you’re not trying to make a video out of it.


The injectors on the MR2 are just another example of how simple proven technology is sometimes better than overly-complicated modern stuff.
Conventional injectors such as those on the 4AGE and countless other engines, almost never fail. I mean heck these are almost 30 years old and all they needed was a bath and some rubber bits. Even when they fail they cost around 50-100 USD each.

Now look at the new stuff on modern direct-injection petrol, and especially diesel engines. These injectors are failing left and right. They are so complex that they need programing.

The beneift is what? Decreased fuel consumption? One of these injectors costs at least $500-600, some have even more obscene price tags of as much as $1000. All the fuel these new injectors manage to save gets horribly offset when they fail and empty your wallet. If you’re thinking of pulling the „they contribute to the reducing of the CO2 footprint“ card, let me stop you, because the production cost of one of these and the emmisions the factories generate while making them are probably much higher then when making simple old-school injectors. The injectors on my MR2 have been produced decades ago and worked without problems ever since. I bet that a car produced back just a few years ago that had its super modern injectors replaced once or twice has caught up with my MR2’s impact on the environment.

This is just a rant, and I am making nothing more than educated guesses, so sue me, but sometimes I just don’t get what’s the point of making overly complex car parts that reduce fuel consumption by 0.3% and cost an arm and a leg once they fail (which they do often). I see no winner here, other than the car manufacturers and their profit margins.

p.s. This is the first video I have actually showed my face in. Just saying, for historical reference and such, once they finally realize its time to write books about me. 🙂

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