Manual transmission full assembly video

Now when I think back and remember that I was considering to rebuild my manual transmission myself I get really happy that I made the right decision and took it to a professional. Watch the video for the full assembly of the transmission.

I witnessed the whole procedure of a transmission rebuild from start to finish and I can think of at least 4-5 things I would have messed up for sure. Here’s a list.

The placement of shift forks and their corresponding shafts. They fit together in more way then one and you won’t realize you effed it up until you put it all together and see that you have a transmission shaped lump that doesn’t shift gears.

Shift detents. If you watch the video you will notice these little balls that fit into various crevasses of the transmission. These are so tiny and so easily lost and unnoticed its unbelievable. The one that shocked me the most

Pulling and pressing gears back onto the shafts. If you don’t have a good press and several sizes of gear pullers forget it. If you are going to rebuild just one transmission a year, or ever, buying this equipment is completely unjustified.

Everything else. The transmission is full of tiny things like springs, shift keys and other bits that can be fitted in more ways than one, and without genuine experience its almost impossible to know which way is the right way. Spotting damaged stuff is also really hard if you don’t have the experience. A part that needs to be thrown away may look good to the inexperienced eye.

The best way to get a picture of the complexity of the job is to watch the video. If you have never rebuilt a transmission before I strongly urge you against DYI-ing this. For you the video best serves to scare you off and give you just a general idea of what needs to be done with the transmission. If you have done it before and want to do a Toyota C50 or C52 this video will definitely help you.

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