Road trip + 4age mpg

Finally got to do a road trip with my Toyota MR2. About 240km of driving in total. Visited the beautiful city of Mostar and used the trip to calculate my MPG. 

Best way to experience the road trip is probably to watch the video but I will put down some of the impressions here in words:

  • Road trip was fun
  • Exhaust is too loud and annoying. Getting rid of it ASAP.
  • Haven’t touched the suspension, steering and brakes yet. It really shows. Didn’t feel comfortable going past 70mph.
  • Happy with the engine, feels lively and pulls well. Overtaking was fun. Engine sounds really great in tunnels. 
  • 4age mpg is 7.76 liters per 100km, i.e. 36.6mpg, which I am very happy with, considering I wasn’t really driving frugally 

The road trip was insightful and suspension is next on the line for refreshing. I have already started ordering bits and pieces. 

Stay tuned!

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