Shopping – 4AGE 16v engine parts – the pistons arrive

The gathering of parts needed to realise my engine upgrade plan has begun, and today the first thing has arrived – the pistons. Its also the only thing I ordered so far.

This is what I bought:

They are so cheap that I couldnt resist.

These are 0.02 inch (0.5mm) oversize. Once the cylinders are rebored to fit them I will have a total of 1606 cc (I think).

These are pistons for the 4AGE 16v „smallport“ in the AE92 Corolla. All other things unchanged they create a compression ratio of 10.3:1, while the stock bigport pistons create a compression ratio of 9.4:1.

A better compression ratio means more power, and these pistons will go hand-in-hand with the tomei poncam camshafts I am getting.

Here are some pictures of the pistons. They are approximately 330 grams each, according to my kitchen scale.

If you want to see the difference between the stock bigport and the smallport pistons just google it. There are a lot of nice pics.

If you’re too lazy these are the differences:

4age smallport vs bigport piston
4age smallport vs bigport piston

Some romantic notes

The pistons are the heart of the engine and it really felt great touching them and looking at them. These are the first pistons I ever held in my hands. To think that they will see countless explosions and move up and down more times than its sensible to count.

I got off from work early just to pick them up from the post office. Felt glorious walking home with a box of 4A-GE pistons in my hand.


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