Shopping – 4AGE 20v blacktop flywheel

More stuff is coming in. This time it’s a flywheel from the japan-only 20v blacktop engine. A lovely thing indeed.

I actually got this thing for free, courtesy of bkperformance19 from the forums. All I had to pay for was the shipping! Here’s a shout-out to bk for being a true hero and making my engine build better. Thank you!

Here’s some pictures:

More about the blacktop flywheel

The blacktop flywheel looks lovely. It’s basically the same as the bigport flywheel but free of excess material on the outer edge, making it lighter.

The overall diameter, number and size of teeth and everything else is the same as with the bigport flywheel. Its OEM quality and driveability with a little bit less weight.

Blacktop flywheel weight

According to my bathroom scale the blacktop flywheel seems a kg or so lighter than the bigport flywheel. According to more reliable information the 4age blacktop flywheel weighs 6kg (13.3 lbs), while the bigport flywheel weighs 7.2kg (15.9 lbs).

This may not seem like much of a weight difference, but it’s a great balance for a street build like mine. It will enable the engine to spin faster and more freely while still retaining driveability and wont be a pain in traffic.

Next steps

The next step will be to remove the rust with some wire brush and sandpaper action. After that I will get it resurfaced and then balanced. Lovely.

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