Spring, I love you

I always thought that summer is my favourite season. This year I am having my doubts.

There is something special about spring. It does something to people’s minds. The sun starts glowing, you can finally drop those heavy boots and jackets, shit is blooming everywhere, teenagers are slobbering each other on park benches.

To me spring is special because its the season when everything is still about to happen. You know those 5 minutes before you’re about to have sex. Don’t shoot me, but I could argue that those 5 minutes when you’re mind is racing with thoughts about what’s going to happen and visions of it are better than the climax. When the climax happens its all over. That’s it. Until it happens again….but you get the point.

Here’s another, maybe better example. You know when you were a kid and you desperately begged your parents to get you that toy you wanted. And then when you got it and played with it, it was all over. Remember how awesome it was before you got the toy. You imagined playing with it and indulged your mind with awesome and exaggerated fantasies of playing with that toy, that in the end proved to be just a piece of plastic with an awesome TV ad.

This spring I realized that things haven’t changed much since I was a kid. The time frame is bigger and the toy is a lot bigger. Everything else is the same. Days waiting for a toy are now months waiting for a car.

The first few days of this spring have been amazing. I’m walking down the street on a sunny day and I can taste the coming summer in the air. I can feel the future in which I am driving my MR2 in the scorching sun on a twisty road, listening to the raw sound of the engine purring away behind me.

Its that feeling before you get the toy….just 10 times bigger, and I’m loving it.

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