4age engine

Stuff is coming together!

Yes it is happening! Yes I am assembling an engine!

I feel so sexy! I go to the garage in my work clothes and put together an engine. I secretly watch my forearm muscles flex while I torque down big bolts with my big torque wrench and imagine how cool I would look to some random bystander.

“Where were you?”

“I was just at the garage…putting together an engine”

Is there a cooler way to reply than that?

No there is not.

Putting together the engine really feels amazing. And if you are careful and read the BGB it is actually straightforward and extremely fun.

So far I have managed to install the crank, pistons, conrods and the head, which was pre-assembled by the machine shop. Next up is the dialling-in of the cams.

I will make a huge video with all the engine assembly details, but for now here are some problems I ran into and some heads up for any of you guys planning to venture into engine assembly waters by yourself:

  • Wash EVERYTHING before the assembly. I vacuumed the garage floor and put down a tarp where I will be assembling the engine. I cleaned all my tools.
  • Wash the block a million times or until the water that comes from it is clear and without debris.
  • Piston ring pliers are garbage. I scratched the piston a tiny bit because of them. If you don’t have the money to buy high-end ring pliers just install the rings by hand. Its a million times easier and it won’t damage the piston.
  • My ring end gap is 0.03-0.04mm smaller than recommended by the BGB. I decided to leave it like that and be slightly more gentle with the breaking in. God be on my side on this one please.
  • Torquing the head requires a lot of force, don’t be scared.
  • Don’t put too much assembly lube on bolts, they will feel like you have not torqued them enough and you will over-torque them easily. A little bit goes a long way.
  • Don’t over-torque bolts. You will either break or stretch them.

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