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Everyone is equally happy

Here’s a little theory I have: Everyone is equally happy.

Sounds shocking and wrong doesn’t it? Millions of examples come to mind that refute the hypothesis. Rich people are happier than poor people. Healthy people are happier than sick people. Beautiful people are happier than ugly people. Etc. Continue reading Everyone is equally happy

The value of things

A fair warning: what follows is full of philosophy and the like.

I came up with this the other day while walking back home with my better half. Once you read it you might think we are some insane frigid couple that frequently attends philosophical debates and talks about the juxtaposition of a sculpture made of coat hangers. The reality is we enjoy watching TV and eating junk food. Continue reading The value of things

A bit of background


Before we dwell deeper into my story I first have to give you some background.

Getting my dream car is a bigger deal for me than for most people. Yes I am a car guy, but I haven’t always been one. I wasn’t one of those kids reading car magazines and car encyclopedias and what not. I spent my childhood days busy with other things (more on that later). I didn’t know or care much about cars.

Now I notice every single one of them on streets and can tell the make and model just by seeing a small cropped shot of a headlight.

When did it all change? Continue reading A bit of background

growing up

Growing up…

We all experience big changes in our lives. Some more than others. However, there is one big change that bypasses no one, and that change is growing up. Ok, it bypassed the 40 year old weirdo next door collecting action figures and living with his mom. Everyone else though, has to grow up.
I woke up the this morning and realized that it had already happened to me – without me noticing it. I started weighing my successes and failures, putting my life’s work up for scrutinization by my high-school self and the promises I have made to myself back then. Continue reading Growing up…