How to rebuild a Toyota C50 Transmission – the parts

I got tired from working on the engine so I its time to tackle the next big thing on my MR2, which is the transmission.

My MR2’s C50 suffers from a bad case of the fifth gear pop-out and has trouble shifting into second gear. I am going to solve it by rebuilding the whole darn thing.

I have been suggested to import a used C52 transmission, which is the other transmission found on the MR2 mk1, and which doesn’t suffer from the fifth gear pop-out. Unfortunately the shipping and importing costs for getting a used transmission into my country would end up being somewhere close to the value of my car. So, I have decided to rebuild my existing C50 transmission.

I have actually grown fond of making everything into a video, so why should this be an exception? Although there isn’t much action to record its still an informative and useful video where I show the difference between the C50 and C52 Toyota transmission as well as all the parts and part numbers of the stuff I have spent a bunch of money on and that I will be installing into the transmission.

I plan to disassemble the auxilliary stuff and clean the transmission, but the actuall rebuild will be handled by a professional.

I will be replacing all the bearings, seals, synchros. While, the fifth gear itself, the fifth gear hub and selector fork will be replaced with OEM parts.

Watch the video for info on the parts, prices and other useful stuff. Image gallery of parts below video.

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